Hello there! In 2006 I built a web application called tinySIS for The Nova Project, a public alternative high school in Seattle, Washington. The Nova staff and I went through an interesting process transitioning the school from a paper-based record-keeping process, to one utilizing a web application. This was my culminating project for my Masters in Education at University of Washington. As I presented my results, I was surprised to learn that nobody else in my cohort had actually deployed a real solution that was being relied upon by a real learning community.

Four years later, TinySIS is still relied upon by Nova staff members. Now I am looking for collaborators on three fronts:

  • Washington Alternative Learning Environment (ALE) schools interested in adopting the system within their learning community.
  • Education or organizational development people interested in working with schools who are wanting to adopt TinySIS into their practice.
  • Web developers interested in helping improve tinySIS.

My fantasy is to connect brilliant students studying educational technology, information science, or computer science, who are looking for internships, independent study, or culminating projects, with the incredibly important learning communities serving Washington state students within the state ALE framework.

I don’t believe that crafting software solutions for small learning communities that often operate on the fringes of their larger districts, will ever prove to be a huge source of revenue or fame for anyone. But, I have seen firsthand how ALE institutions change kids’ lives for the better. I have put some work into building and maintaining a web solution that works for one ALE school and believe that it might serve others.

Please browse the pages of this site, and contact me if you have any questions or are willing to participate in one of the above roles, or another that I may not have thought of!

All the best to you and yours,

Eric Artzt
April 2011

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