About TinySIS

TinySIS is a web application that tracks student progress within Washington State alternative learning communities. The system was originally developed in 2006 for The Nova Project, an alternative public high school in Seattle.

Using tinySIS, staff members perform the following functions:

  • Define learning contracts
  • Enroll students in learning contracts, and set crediting goals
  • Track student progress monthly in learning contracts
  • Award credits to students at completion of a learning contract
  • Review monthly student progress against various contracts, and assign an overall evaluation and confirmation of participation hours
  • Approve credits for recording in the district transcript

The following illustration shows the connection of various major data recording elements tracked within TinySIS:

Design Philosophy

The system designer tried to adhere to the following concepts:

  • Ease of use – the tool should be as easy to use as any decent quality website or application
  • Data protection – every effort is made to minimize the possibility that data will be lost
  • Security – the entire system is password protected using modern web programming tools. Additionally, there are clear rules in place governing which users have the ability to change student data. Finally, critical personal data such as birthdate, social security numbers, and home contact information is not stored
  • Openness – staff members have broad access to view all student data stored in this system. This is essential to accountability and community without an alternative learning environment

Open Source

TinySIS source code is released on Github as an open source software project, and runs on an open-source software “stack” including

Open source means that TinySIS can be used and modified by anyone for free, subject to the terms of its MIT license.

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