Contact TinySIS developer Eric Artzt at I am looking for collaborators within three areas:

  • Washington ALE learning communities interested in deploying a web-based status tracking system at their school;
  • Students or practitioners of organizational development, IT, or information science who wish to gain real-world experience in deploying a web-based information tracking system in an educational community; and
  • Web developers, user interface designers and/or testers interested in contributing to an open-source Ruby on Rails software project that has great potential benefit for Washington state learners

Email discussion list

Also, I am building an email discussion list for interested parties. I will send occasional announcements to this list, and will contribute to discussions and answer questions about TinySIS. You can use the below form to subscribe.

After you send in your name and email address below, you will receive an automated email that will allow to you to confirm your membership in the email list. Your email address and name will be kept hidden from all but the list administrators. This is an “opt-in” list. You can leave at any time just by clicking the link at the bottom of any email.

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