Status Reporting

Staff members report monthly on student progress against learning contracts. There are two rounds to the monthly status rollup:

  1. Reporting progress against learning contracts
  2. Reporting overall progress for a student

The staff member facilitating the learning contract or class performs the first evaluation. The staff member who works with the student on their overall progress uses the contract status reports as a basis for a monthly rollup evaluation for the student.

Contract reporting

The following illustration shows the contract reporting:

As you can see, the reporting is basic. The facilitator can pick from three academic and two attendance options, and indicate whether the student’s work met minimum participation levels to qualify for ALE crediting. Note the next/previous buttons at the top right, which browse among multiple participants enrolled in a contract.

A summary screen provides a quick view for the whole contract:

Overall progress report

With all the contract status reporting done, the staff coordinator can review the student’s progress for the month, meet with the student to discuss, and record an overall status in the system. The status reporting screen includes an entry area and a summary and links to all the contract status pages.

Here is the summary listing showing all the students assigned to the coordinator:

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